Facts and Figures

Fiscal Year 2015

Taking all locations into consideration, business development over the course of 2015 was very good.  

The company achieved a sales turnover of €427.5 million, which means an increase of 10.2% compared to the previous year. Consistent pursuance of our growth strategy with regard to winning market shares as well as the launch of new products is the reason for this positive development. Currency fluctuations with the US dollar and the euro gave an additional push to business development in 2015. Only the difficult market conditions in the diagnostics sector had a slightly negative effect on our result. 

A cooperation between SCIENION AG, the US specialist for Nano3D Bioscience and Greiner Bio-One made the presentation of new kits for 3D cell culture possible last year. This development is a significant step primarily in the field of cancer research. 

Besides the launch of the VACUETTE® Clix Safety Hypodermic Needle for prevention of needlestick injuries, Greiner Bio-One also brought out the rapid test ViroInspect™Rodent 1. This test enables detection of adventitious viruses in biopharmaceuticals. In addition to a number of other products, the VeinViewer® Flex was also launched. This device aids venipuncture particularly in cases where vein conditions are difficult. 2015 also saw the initial launch of VACUETTE® blood collection tubes in Japan. 

A cashflow of €61.3 million was generated during 2015. The company is investing strongly in expansion of production locations in Hungary and Brazil. An investment of 14 million euros was made at the Kremsmünster location (Austria) to extend the sterilization company. At the end of 2015, a total of 1890 people across the world were employed by Greiner Bio-One.

Turnover and cashflow:

2012 – 2015 in € million

   2012  2013  2014  2015
 Turnover  364.0  373.0  388.0  427.5
 Cashflow   32.0  42.0  47.6  47.6

“It is investments in Hungary and Brazil as well as the many innovations that ensure the further development of Greiner Bio-One.”

Rainer Perneker, CEO Greiner Bio-One International GmbH