Greiner receives CORONA award for location development

Klaus Herrmann, Jürgen Spitzenberger, Markus Achleitner, Axel Kühner, Dr. Heinrich Schaller und Dr. Axel Greiner ©Eric Krügl

Kremsmünster, 6th November 2019: Companies and their investments make a significant contribution to the competitiveness of regions. On 4th November Greiner was awarded the "Standort-Corona" in gold. This prize is awarded to companies in Upper Austria that have made special investments and created jobs in the region. "Even though we are represented with 140 locations in 33 countries, our heart beats in Upper Austria and, of course, in addition to the heart, the brain is also located in the Kremstal. Our colleagues are our most important capital, which is the reason we gladly invested in the expansion of the Greiner Bio-One Headquarters and in the expansion of the corporate headquarters to form the Greiner Campus," says Axel Kühner, Chairman of the Board of Management, pleased with the trophy.

Greiner promotes location development

Founded in 1868 in Nürtingen (Germany), Greiner with its operative divisions Greiner Packaging, Greiner Bio-One, Greiner Foam and Greiner Extrusion is one of the world's leading companies in the plastics and foam industry. Even if you don't immediately recognize them at first glance, you often come across the company's products in everyday life: whether you're enjoying yoghurt somewhere in the world, taking a seat in a car or plane, receiving medical treatment or simply looking out of a window. There is a high probability that you will find innovative solutions from Greiner.

Today Greiner is internationally successful with 140 locations in 33 countries. But the heart of the family business still beats in the Kremstal. In recent years alone, Greiner has invested over 26 million euros in the Kremsmünster site with the 4000 m2 expansion of the Greiner Bio-One Headquarters and the 11,000 m2 expansion of the corporate headquarters into the Greiner Campus. Both extensions create space for further growth and are a clear commitment to Upper Austria as a business location.

Thinking towards the future

Greiner offers secure jobs to almost 11,000 people worldwide - more than 2,400 of them in Upper Austria. As a family business, Greiner attaches great importance to ensuring optimal working conditions and promoting the compatibility of family and career. At the Kremsmünster site, the company has therefore been providing its employees with a crèche for children between one and three years of age since 2003. The training and further education of young people is also right at the top of our list of priorities, which is why the Greiner family has invested in state-of-the-art Apprentice training workshops on 3,370 m2 as well as in a spacious seminar area on the new Greiner campus.

06.11.2019 Greiner AG, Contact: Ute Kliemstein