VeinViewer® Conquers Spain

El Homiguero discovered our device, the VeinViewer®, via internet and YouTube videos and contacted us, to ask if we would like to feature the VeinViewer® on the show.

On 27th March it was time, and the VeinViewer was presented in the science section. The star guest on this particular show was the Spanish politician Albert Rivera, who gamely allowed his arm to be used so as to demonstrate the device and vein visualization via near infrared light.

Click on the link to view the video from Antena 3: Video El Homiguero

VeinViewer® can help deliver faster venipuncture procedures on your difficult patients through greatly improved first stick success. Flex gives you revolutionary HD views in realtime, so you have the best view of vasculature procedures pre-, during and post-access. MaxDepth allows a view of peripheral veins up to 10mm deep and blood patterns up to 15mm beneath the surface of the skin.