Why use CELLdisc™ over traditional rectangular multilayer devices?

The aim of mass cell culture is to produce large quantities of cells e.g. for industrial or clinical applications. Users can choose from a variety of different disposables and concepts. To constrain cost of such a scale up process to a minimum, different factors have to be evaluated.

If multilayer devices such as the Greiner Bio-One CELLdisc™ are used, not only growth area and number of cells per device should be considered but also the effective usage of the given incubator space.

The innovative CELLdisc™ with its round and ergonomic design differs from existing rectangular devices. The latter, by their dimensions, seem to imply optimal usage of a cubic space like an incubator. However it has to be taken in account that length and width of such systems do not correlate with the corresponding dimensions of standard incubators leaving a lot of space unused. Additionally such devices cannot be positioned closely next to each other to assure equal thermal distribution.

Contrariwise based on its round design, thermal equilibration space for CELLdisc™ is given already even when the devices are in absolute close proximity. Due to this fact and the 40% higher surface/volume ratio than standard competitive systems, utilization of incubator space is much better for CELLdisc™ than for rectangular devices.

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