Smart. Efficient. Accurate.

Frickenhausen, October 24 Greiner Bio-One, technology partner for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry, unveiled two new instrument platforms for the automated use of PapilloCheck at this year’s EUROGIN in Amsterdam, the international conference for education and research on the human papillomavirus (HPV). The compact sized CX NIMBUS fits easily in any laboratory setting and incorporates liquid handling of DNA extraction and pre-PCR for an easy and fast processing of 48 samples. CX STARlet is used for automated processing of 96 samples with its integrated devices such as thermal cycler and sealer. The two platforms enable a faster and more efficient qualitative detection of HPV.

PapilloCheck – fast analysis, accurate results

An infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV) is the cause of virtually all cases of cervical cancer. With the CE-marked in vitro diagnostic device PapilloCheck, Greiner Bio-One can provide a test system which enables not only the detection but also the simultaneous genotyp-ing of six low-risk (lr) and 18 high-risk (hr) HPV types from cervical smears in a single analysis. Hence, whilst the test system can be used for HPV primary screening purposes it can also be a valuable tool for an improved HPV risk assessment of the patient. Furthermore, PapilloCheck plays an important role in terms of HPV vaccination management and in epidemiological studies. PapilloCheck meets the requirements in cervical cancer screening due to high clinical sensitivity, specificity, as well as reproducibility and benefits from its integrated control system which guarantees accurate results.

Boosting profitability

The new CX platforms allow laboratories to streamline the PapilloCheck workflow by integrating DNA extraction, PCR setup and microarray hybridisation. The automated sample processing out of the primary tube significantly shortens hands-on time, allows an increased throughput and helps laboratories to be more efficient and profitable.