Make it Easy – EASYstrainer Small

Entdecken Sie jetzt unsere neuen EASYstrainer Small Varianten!

Our EASYstrainer family has new members: The EASYstrainer Small is now available!

The EASYstrainer cell sieves are now available for smaller tubes. These sieves, which are used after tissue digestion for primary cell extraction or for cell preparation for flow cytometry, can be stacked and thus allow cells of different sizes to be separated in just one work step. In addition, the top of the small cell strainer can be inverted to flush out retained cells for further use.

Innovative Solutions for Aseptic Work

With the EASYstrainer series, Greiner Bio-One has succeeded in finding innovative solutions for typical problems in daily laboratory work. The design of the sieves prevents unintentional contact with the sterile filter material. A ventilation gap ensures that air can escape and that the accumulation of liquid between the sieve and the tube is avoided. Overflow can also be prevented in this way.

EASYstrainer Small with the mesh sizes 20µm (red), 40µm (green), 70µm (blue) and 100µm (yellow) fit all common 15ml tubes as well as tubes with smaller volumes. The colour coding of the cell sieves and the transparent blister packaging allow quick identification of the respective mesh size.

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