Greiner Bio-One Microplates in Space

While fluorescence polarization experiments are commonly performed by pharmaceutical companies for R&D in drug discovery, the Micro-gRx space initiative is a landmark in that this type of experiment has never been conducted in microgravity and will be the first of its kind to occur on the ISS. Microplate fluorescence measurements of proteins bound in solution taken within the Molecular Devices Spectramax M5 multimode reader aboard the ISS will be compared with those obtained in parallel on Earth. The molecular pharmacology study will provide insight as to how drugs work on a molecular level in microgravity, paving the way for future, even more complex investigations.

Greiner Bio-One is excited to supply microplates for Micro-gRx’s research in order to ultimately further human health, as well as to benefit the international scientific and local Florida communities.

Further information may be found at or on twitter @micro_gRx and @PlatesInSpace.