Greiner AG CDP Ratings 2020 for Climate, Water and Forest

Reducing our environmental footprint is one of the main goals of our Blue Plan sustainability strategy. We are proud that our CDP climate reporting has been rewarded with a score of B as in 2019. However, we will not rest on this result. We will take responsibility by further reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dealing transparently with our environmental impact.

In the area of water security, we have been rewarded a score of B- once again. For the very first time, we received a CDP forest score, where we were given a C rating. In all three areas of the CDP rating, we aim to improve step by step in the coming years. The basis for this is our Blue Plan sustainability strategy, which sets ambitious goals in the areas of climate change, circular economy, and people.

CDP, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, is an international non-profit organization that helps companies, cities, and communities disclose data on environmental impacts. Scores are A-D in the categories of climate, water, and forest. The pioneers in environmental protection and transparency are published in the annual CDP “A list”. Currently, this list features only 270 companies worldwide. This is the direction we want to move in at Greiner.


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