CELLstage - NEW CELLdisc™ Filling Accessory

Key Facts

  • Available for CELLdisc™ 4-24 & 40 layers.
  • Stainless steel allows multiple sterilization methods.
  • Creates the optimum angle and position for filling the CELLdisc™.
  • Suitable for autoclave sterilization.

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About CELLdisc

CELLdisc™ is a new multilayer device covering a range of cell culture surfaces from 1,000 cm² up to 10,000 cm². The innovative ergonomic design of CELLdisc™ provides a versatile system for the propagation of adherent mammalian cells from research scale to industrial batches. In addition, a centrally located channel allows an uniform distribution of gas throughout the device. A socle-rim guaranties that the bottom layer of the CELLdisc™ does not touch the surface of the incubator. The compact and robust cylindrical device is ideally suited for automation and cell culture scale up.

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