Greiner Bio-One

proudly presents.. CELLSTARS

Our Greiner Bio-One Stars in the laboratory! 
TC Tyler and his band colleagues rock the lab and bring momentum into everyday laboratory life.

Do you know what makes our CELLSTARS special?

  • Manufactured from high-quality polystyrene
  • Various growth surfaces for improved cell adhesion and growth
  • Free of detectable DNases, RNases, human DNA, endotoxins, non-cytotoxic
  • Sterile and user-friendly packaging


TC Tyler

TC Tyler is the bandleader of our CELLSTARS. With his physical surface treatment, he ensures improved cell adhesion. In particular, his highly attached bottle neck reduces the risk of medium coming into contact with the inside of the lid, thus providing additional protection against contamination.


Sophisticated Sophie

Our starlet Sophisticated Sophie drives the audience crazy. With her Advanced TC polymer modification she provides improved adhesion and increased proliferation for particularly sensitive and demanding cells. Her sterile non-biological surface enables cell culture in serum-reduced or serum-free media and reduces cell loss after washing steps.


Suspension Sam

On bass, Suspension Sam doesn't fool anyone. Thanks to his hydrophobic surface, suspension cultures, hybridoma cells and embryonic stem cells can be ideally cultivated. He also provides the choice between simple standard screw cap bottles or screw cap bottles with lockable aeration position.


Adam Automation

Adam Automation sets the beat on the drums. Thanks to his dimensions, which correspond to those of a standard microplate, it is possible to use a variety of cell culture and liquid handling systems. His TC or suspension surface treatment allows him to be used flexibly, and the additional centrifugation pocket allows direct separation of the cells in the bottle.


Danny Dish 

On the keyboard is Danny Dish, completely in his element and important for our CELLSTARS and their work in the laboratory.

Due to his physical surface treatment he offers improved cell adhesion. His vents ensures an optimal gas exchange. Thanks to maximal transparency, Danny stands for excellent microscopic analysis.


Bonnie & Johnny Six Well

On stage they provide the background for a perfect performance. In the laboratory they are at the forefront! With her hydrophilic surface (TC surface treatment) Bonnie Six Well stands for improved cell adhesion whilst her partner, Johnny Six Well boasts a hydrophobic surface for suspension cultures or hybridoma cells. Their latest achievement is the black tattooed alphanumeric code for rapid orientation as well as the additional frosted labelling field on the plate side.



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