The following list provides a summary of the congresses and events at which Greiner Bio-One is represented this year. We look forward to seeing you there.

21. February 2018 - 21. February 2018 | London

QMUL Blizzard Institute Bioscience Exhibition

We'll be at the QMUL Blizzard Institute on 21st February.

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20. March 2018 - 20. March 2018 | Cardiff

Cardiff University Bioscience Exhibition

We will be at Cardiff University on 20th March at the School of Biosciences.

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13. April 2018 - 13. April 2018 | Exeter

LSI Bio-PGR Network

We will be at the University of Exeter on 13th April at the College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

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17. April 2018 - 18. April 2018 | Cambridge

ELRIG Research & Innovation 2018

ELRIG Research & Innovation takes place at Homerton College, Cambridge from 17th to 18th April and we will be there.

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