Save Incubator Space with CELLdisc

The aim of mass cell culture is to produce large quantities of cells for industrial or clinical applications and users can choose from a variety of different solutions. To reduce the cost of the scale up process to a minimum, different factors need to be considered and evaluated. 

If multilayer devices such as the Greiner Bio-One CELLdisc are to be used, both growth area and the number of cells per device are important parameters. However, how effectively these products utilise incubator space should also be taken into account. 

The innovative CELLdisc with its round and ergonomic design stands out from existing rectangular devices. The cuboid nature of these alternatives would, at first glance, imply an optimal use of space within an incubator that is itself cuboid in design. However in reality the length and width of such systems do not correspond ideally to the dimensions of standard incubators and leave a lot of space unused. Additionally such devices cannot be positioned next to each other because when units touch each other so access to the temperature environment of the incubator is compromised. 

CELLdisc however, thanks to the cylindrical nature of their design, can be placed directly next to one another and still receive uniform exposure to the optimum temperature of the incubator. Due to this fact and the 40% higher surface/volume ratio CELLdisc offers over standard competitive systems, utilisation of incubator space is far more efficient when using CELLdisc than rectangular devices (see Table 1).


CELLdisc™ 16 layersCompetitor A 10 layers, rectangular formCompetitor B 10 layers, rectangular form (high density version) 
Dimensions (L x W x H incl. screw cap)ø 20 cm, H 22 cm33 cm x 20 cm x 20.5 cm33 cm x 23 cm x 21 cm
Growth surface (device) 4.000 cm26.360 cm28.216 cm2
Max. devices / shelf622
Max. devices / incubator1244
Growth surface (incubator load) 12 x 4.000 = 48.000 cm24 x 6.360 = 25.440 cm24 x 8.216 = 32.864 cm2
Utilization100 %53 %68.47 %

Table 1: Utilization of incubator space - exemplary calculation of multilayer devices with comparable dimensions

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Fig. 1: Front view of the incubator (e.g. HeraCell 240 (Thermo Fisher Scientific) Incubator size internal dimensions: W 56 cm, H: 67 cm) 1) Top shelf: Rectangular multilayer devices 2) Lower shelf: CELLdisc™

Fig. 2: Cross section of the incubator. Optimal positioning of CELLdisc™ and utilitzation of incubator space.