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Greiner Bio-One UK takes sustainability seriously. Our environmental credentials include: 

  • ISO14001:2015 Accredited.
  • Zero-to-Landfill Organisation
  • Raw material suppliers close by eliminating long transport routes.
  • Production machines are powered by clean, renewable sources of energy.
  • Fossil fuels like gas or oil are not used on our machines.
  • Production reject pieces are processed into plastic granulate.
  • Energy for heating is sourced via an intelligent heat recovery system.
  • Sterilisation by electron rays (E-Beam) does not leave behind any residue. In contrast to other sterilisation processes, neither radioactive waste nor poisonous gases, nor chemical residual materials are created as a result.
  • Packaging material is minimised by using an intelligent delivery and storage system.
  • In the UK we operate a recycling scheme where used pipette tip boxes and wafers can be collected and sent back to a  specialist recycling centre.
  • Our UK Head Office in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire runs on Green Gas which is sourced from grass, agricultural and landfill waste.

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Beyond Greiner Bio-One - Greiner AG

We are characterised by our creative drive. We strive to help shape change. We therefore made the topic of sustainability our company’s focus years ago.

As a family-run business, but above all as a plastics and foam processing company, we are aware of our responsibility. With our Group-wide sustainability strategy, we already firmly established responsible activities in our corporate strategy in 2015.

We want to actively contribute to sustainable development and to solving the global challenges of our time.

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