Greiner Bio-One takes sustainability seriously. Our environmental credentials include:

  • Raw material suppliers close by eliminating long transport routes.
  • Production machines are powered by clean, renewable sources of energy.
  • Fossil fuels like gas or oil are not used on our machines.
  • Production reject pieces are processed into plastic granulate.
  • Energy for heating is sourced via an intelligent heat recovery system.
  • Packaging material is minimised by using an intelligent delivery and storage system.
  • In the UK we operate a recycling scheme where used pipette tip boxes and wafers can be collected and sent back to a  specialist recycling centre.
  • UK offices and warehouse are ISO14001:2015 Accredited.
  • In the UK we are a Zero-to-Landfill Organisation

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Beyond Greiner Bio-One - Greiner AG & Blue Plan

Building a more sustainable future will undoubtedly involve change. We have certainly not yet found an answer to every question. But first and foremost, we see opportunity in change and transformation – great potential for us as a company, but above all for our society and our environment. We strongly believe that a sustainable approach to business is the only way forward. With that in mind, our Blue Plan provides the foundation for our continued business success and the ambitions we aim to achieve by 2030.

Blue Plan encompasses all parts of our company around the world. It focuses on three major priority areas, which we have identified as key issues that will shape Greiner’s future: climate change, creating a circular business, and people. Blue Plan also includes three overarching goals that we want to achieve by 2030. While these objectives are ambitious and will require a great deal of effort, we believe that this course of action is the only way forward.

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