Greiner Bio-One Preanalytics develops specimen collection systems for blood, urine and saliva based on customer requirements and the demands of the diagnostics market, with the aim of making day-to-day, routine tasks carried out at clinics, laboratories or in doctors' practices easier and above all safer. The products are successfully distributed worldwide under the VACUETTE® brand name.

With the BioScience business division, Greiner Bio-One ranks among the leading providers of specialised products for the cultivation and analysis of cell and tissue cultures, as well as microplates for high-throughput screening, allowing industry and research most rapid and efficient drug screening.We have developed as a leading technology partner to academia, research establishments, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries on a global basis.


The Diagnostics business division, founded recently on 1st January 2014 is the newest Greiner Bio-One division. The field of activities includes molecular infection diagnostics, a market which is growing more and more due to the international growth in population. Greiner Bio-One Diagnostics has product solutions for the following areas of application: sexually transmitted diseases, hospital bacteria and their resistance as well as product for the safety of vaccines and pharmaceuticals. The specialization is on the development of new molecular biological analysis methods. This means, for example, the unique identification of bacteria or viruses via the specific genetic fingerprint, enabling a faster, safer diagnosis. With this technology, Greiner Bio-One Diagnostics is serving parallelized, automated high throughput diagnostics as well as the needs of individual quick diagnostics close to patients in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries.


As Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Bio-One is longterm partner to industry and can fufil customer-specific design requirements and manufacturing processes in the areas of life science and medicine. In injection moulding processes, the company can manufacture a broad range of plastic platforms according to customer requirements, offering the entire product development and production process from the idea to the finished product.


Greiner Bio-One distributes devices and health products to all hospitals and medical biology laboratories present on French territory.

Greiner Bio-One also offers a wide range of services to improve and facilitate all your daily activities. 

The middleware concept from Greiner eHealth Technologies deals with pre and postanalytical processes and offers increased security for patients, more efficient workflows, a higher level of standardisation, and transparency at all stages. We will support you through a process of change that is unique on the market, moving successfully from ‘GeT Perfect‘ to ‘Be Perfect‘.