The Green Spirit

For many years, Greiner has been actively involved in in the further development of recycling technologies as well as in new fields of application for recycled foam and plastic. The sustainability strategy "Plastics for Life" was developed by Greiner AG in 2016 and aims to harmonize the three core dimensions: ecological, economic and social sustainability.   

Based on this strategy, numerous initiatives have subsequently been derived from the individual company divisions. 

Sustainability means global responsibility

Greiner Bio-One defines sustainability as a long-term and enduring goal to consider ecological, economic and social aspects in equal measure, and orients its actions to the guiding principle of the sustainability strategy of Greiner AG.  

As a worldwide operating company in medical technology, we are also aware of the global responsibility we bear.

We believe that there is no contradiction in the use of plastics and sustainable action. For this reason, we would like to raise awareness for the correct use of plastics. 

If you would like to learn more about this, these pages offer you detailed information on the following topics.

Our Core Topics