Plastics for Life

For several years now, Greiner has been working hard to develop recycling technologies for foam and plastics as well as exploring new application options for recycled plastic. The sustainability strategy ‘Plastics for Life’ was launched by Greiner AG in 2016 and aims to bring together the three core dimensions of ecological, economic and social sustainability. 

Information on topics such as emissions, used raw materials, used energy sources and production conditions, as well as transparency in the supply chain, are being brought into focus and are becoming increasingly important for our customers too. 

Greiner AG is planning numerous initiatives based on this strategy, run by different divisions, meaning that every Greiner division worldwide is engaging with the issue of sustainability.

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For Greiner Bio-One, sustainability means global responsibility

Greiner Bio-One defines sustainability as the long-term and enduring aim of tackling ecological, economic and social issues equally. The company’s sustainability strategy ‘Plastics for Life’ is being used to guide Greiner AG’s actions in this regard. 

Greiner Bio-One develops plastic medical products for clinical diagnostics, the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry, as well as for biotechnology. The company focuses not only on excellent medical care and high-quality products, but also – and above all – on ensuring that as a plastic manufacturer, all its operations are energy efficient. 

We do not believe that companies who use plastic cannot act sustainably. The main point here is to ensure that materials are disposed of properly, so we want to focus primarily on raising awareness of the correct way to handle plastic. 

We are very aware that as a global company we also have a global responsibility.

‘The Green Spirit’ has been a recurring theme at Greiner Bio-One for many years, and one that is used to guide the company’s processes.  



What kind of sustainable activities are in place at Greiner Bio-One?

The focus is on the following topics:

  • Global energy audits
  • Suppliers, raw materials, material usage
  • Production
  • Sterilisation
  • Logistics and packaging
  • Disposal
  • Social sustainability at Greiner Bio-One

Soon you will find a brochure here, in which the points listed are dealt with in detail.