Greiner has been accepted into the sustainability network of the United Nations!

The Global Compact is an initiative of the United Nations, which was launched by Kofi Annan at the 1999 World Economic Forum in Davos. With over 13,500 participants, consisting of companies and organizations, it is the world’s largest initiative for corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. The objective of this worldwide movement, which unites business, politics and civil society, is to lend globalization a more social and ecological design.

Greiner’s participation in the Global Compact constitutes a tangible statement of its intent to implement, disclose and support the body’s ten universal principles.

Apart from the support of 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), another central element in the UN Global Compact is the furtherance and realization of ten categorized, ethical principles for the observance of human rights, respect for the environment and the fight against corruption. By joining the UN Global Compact we are pushing ahead with the active development of sustainable solutions and as a network participant will be subject to an annual audit in the form of a progress report. This will guarantee a continuous improvement process and the implementation of the ten principles.


More information regarding the UN Global Compact and the UN sustainable development goals is available under:


Greiner AG, Contact Person: Ute Kliemstein