BioNTech says thank you

Cryo.s freezing storage tubes for freezing and storing samples, such as tissues and cells.

As a systemically relevant company, Greiner Bio-One in Frickenhausen, Germany, manufactures laboratory products that play an important role in Sars-CoV-2 diagnostics as well as in vaccine research and production. Like many other pharmaceutical companies, BioNTech relies on Greiner Bio-One products for the development of a Covid-19 vaccine and uses, for example, its 15- and 50-ml tubes, serological pipettes, cryogenic tubes and microplates.



Heinz Schmid and Jakob Breuer, Managing Directors of Greiner Bio-One GmbH, pass on their thanks to their employees: "This once again underlines how important our products are in researching and combating the corona virus. We can be justifiably proud of the contribution we are making with our products to overcoming the crisis."

Read the press release from BioNTech here.