Ever thought about that?!

Every day numerous media report about the enormous burden and negative effects of plastics on our environment and our daily life. Wrong or even missing recycling concepts cause increasing pollution of important habitats.

Questions like these arise more and more often: What happens if we do not manage to reduce the amount of plastic used? What would happen if we were not able to find suitable alternatives in time?


Conversely – have you ever asked yourself where we would be today if there were no medical devices made of plastic?

Would the safety of patients and medical staff during treatment also be at risk? Would the use of alternative materials make testing so expensive that few could afford it? So, what would happen if plastics were no longer used in the medical and life science sector?

Under the hashtag #thinkaboutit, we at Greiner Bio-One deal with exactly these and other questions on the subject of sustainability and want to create the opportunity to develop a new way of looking at plastics and their use.

We do not only want to talk about the use of plastic and its properties in everyday medicine and research, but also to focus on sustainability developments at Greiner . After all, it is in the nature of science to take a closer look at things and occasionally to critically question.

So: #thinkaboutit