AV400: a unique device, several possibilities

The blood collection is one of the most common clinical procedures for conducting examinations for various purposes in the medical field. However, besides commonplace and seemingly simple, the combination of technical knowledge, quality equipment and professional attention in the execution of the process are essential to ensure the reliability of results and patient integrity.

Pains, bruises, or even perforation of the arteries are some examples of complications that can occur due to failures during collection, often caused by the difficulty of visualizing blood vessels in patients who have not very apparent accesses, such as the elderly and children, who tend to have veins less calibrous and therefore more delicate and difficult to locate for the accomplishment of blood collection or infusion of medicines.

To avoid these and other possible disorders, the market is increasingly offering options for tools and equipment for blood collection and, of course, the technology has become a great ally of health professionals to avoid harm or discomfort to patients. Among these technologies is the Greiner Bio-One AV400 Vascular Scanner, an effective and practical device for any procedures where vein visualization is required, from blood collection, chemotherapy infusion and contrast up to dermatology, aesthetic facial treatments or even vascular.

The device uses infrared light, which through the absorption of hemoglobin, detects subcutaneous veins and projects them with the maximum definition on the surface of the skin in real time. In addition to being portable, lightweight and easy to use, it has auto focus and can be used from any angle. Easily converted into "hands-free" mode with the use of mobile or fixed optional brackets, for the professional to perform the procedure quietly.

Extremely practical, it does not require calibration, routine or preventive maintenance as it is permanently aligned. Still, it does not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet because it is powered by the internal battery of long duration and approved for continuous operation, and its recharge is fast when not in use.

The AV400 does not replace or minimize the importance of the health professional's technical knowledge, but it is a simple technology that assists in locating those veins that are difficult to access and that certainly brings peace of mind to patients who are less subject to risks and the pain of a failure in the procedure of blood collection or application of medications.