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  • VACUETTE® FC Mix Tube

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    VACUETTE® FC Mix Tube

    Glucose stabilisation right from the beginning

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  • New VACUETTE® CAT Serum Fast Tube

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    New VACUETTE® CAT Serum Fast Tube

    Greiner Bio-One’s new VACUETTE® CAT Serum Fast Tube is the first on the market to combine the quality of serum analysis with the speed of plasma analysis.

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    The VACUETTE® SAFETY Winged Set is a new addition to Greiner Bio-One’s range of safety products. GBO now offers its customers an even wider selection of Safety Blood Collection Sets.

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  • This was the Global Day at Greiner Bio-One in Kremsmünster

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    This was the Global Day at Greiner Bio-One in Kremsmünster

    Greiner Holding AG celebrated its 150th anniversary on 15 June and all divisions and subsidiaries around the world celebrated with us.

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Applications & Products

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The Preanalytics business division manufactures pre-analytical products for the collection and processing of sample material (blood, urine and saliva) for analytical purposes.

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Greiner Bio-One BioScience develops, produces and markets products for universities, research organisations, the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries and biotechnology.

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The Diagnostics division specialises in the development of new molecular-biological analysis methods based on DNA arrays.

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The OEM division custom-produces a range of platforms made from plastic: from development and the production process to the finished product.

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Greiner eHealth Technologies

GeT deals with pre and postanalytical processes and offers increased security for patients, more efficient workflows, a higher level of standardisation, and transparency at all stages.