ViroInspect™ Rodent 1- The New Test for the Rapid Detection of Adventitious Viruses in Biopharmaceuticals

Greiner Bio-One introduced its first rapid molecular test of the ViroInspect™ product line designed for the detection of adventitious viruses in the manufacture of biopharmaceutical products – the ViroInspect™ Rodent 1.

The ViroInspect™ Rodent 1 is a ready-to-use qualitative test kit for the identification of Rodent Parvoviruses (including Mouse Minute Virus, MVM), Porcine Circoviruses 1/2 (PCV1/2) and Vesivirus 2117. Contaminations with these viruses had a negative impact on several biopharmaceutical companies within the last 20 years. Besides being a safety risk for patients, viral contaminations can cause the loss of product, prolonged production time, and the loss of a company’s reputation. Thus, they can result in considerable financial burdens for a biopharmaceutical company.

The ViroInspect™ Rodent 1 kit provides integrated sample preparation, extraction of viral DNA and RNA, reverse transcription, PCR amplification, and microarray hybridisation. It is part of a complete assay system including the CheckScanner™ and the CheckReport™Software.

In opposite to standard tests (in vitro cell culture and in vivo susceptibility tests) the ViroInspect™ Rodent 1 is characterised by short throughput times (less than 9 hours compared to 2-5 weeks), a high sensitivity, and a high specificity. It provides fast data analysis and the delivery of simple and precise results that enable ‘go’ and ‘no-go’ decisions in a timely manner thereby reducing the overall costs.

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In 2015, ViroInspect™ Rodent 1 will be presented at the following congresses and events:

ECA European Microbiological Conference, 06.-07.05.2015, Prague, Czech Republic
ESACT, 31.05.-03.06.2015, Barcelona, Spain
PDA Virus TSE Safety Forum, 09.-11.06.2015, Lisboa, Portugal
Viral Safety & Raw Material Congress, 24.-25.06.2015, Vienna, Austria
aseptikon, 29./30.09.2015, Mannheim, Germany

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ViroInspectTM Rodent 1

Identification of Rodent Parvoviruses,
PCV 1/2, Vesivirus 2117

6 tests/slide

48 tests/kit

ViroInspectTM Rodent 1

Identification of Rodent Parvoviruses,
PCV 1/2, Vesivirus 2117

12 tests/slide

48 tests/kit