VACUETTE® SECONDARY Tubes SIMPLEX - Improve laboratory automation with their versatile application

These tubes were especially developed for use on laboratory automation. They are supplied stacked in cartons, ready for transfer to the storage chambers inthe laboratory machines.

VACUETTE® SECONDARY tubes made of PET or PP offer the following advantages:

  • shatter-proof
  • impermeable
  • cold-resistant
  • inert (tube material does not react with other substances)
  • safe to transport
  • versatile
  • easy to open
  • packed in a practical and environmetally aware way

VACUETTE® SECONDARY tubes made of PET or PP are perfect for following applications in and out of the laboratory: 

  • for aliquoting
  • for centrifugation (4.400 g for 30 minutes)
  • for freezing (PP and PET -80°C)
  • for pooling
  • for transport (Item n° 459021)
  • for heating (PP +121°C - PET +50°C)
  • for storage

Item Overview: 

Packed in carton packages
For automated aliquoting from primary to secondary tubes
Packaging: Inner 496 pcs. Outer 1984 pcs.
459020SECONDARY Tubes SIMPLEX for Roche Diagnostics (cobas p612) PET
13x75 mm, without cap, non-ridged
459021SECONDARY Tubes SIMPLEX for Beckman Coulter (AutoMates 1250 + 2550) PP
13x75 mm, without cap, non-ridged
Suitable for MULTIPLEX and SIMPLEX (459021)
Screw Caps
Packaging: Inner 1000 pcs. Outer 5000 pcs.
371208LCap, orange
Other safety screw caps and colours are available on request

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