The new generation of ESR devices

Depending on the settings, the 1-hour Westergren value can be read off after as little as 15 or 30 minutes, while the 2-hour Westergren value can be available after just 60 minutes.The devices boast a particularly impressive ease of operation, and by automatically detecting an occupied position, the random-access function offers flexibility when positioning the sample.

Furthermore, a quality control program ensures the accuracy of the measurements for a large sample throughput in a short time.

The system is available in three device sizes with 10, 20 and 100 measurement channels and is ideally suited for combination with the world's first ESR vacuum tubes made from almost unbreakable polypropylene (PP) plastic for improved safety and hygiene.

The new VACUETTE® ESR devices are provided in a blue design to make easy to visually distinguish from their predecessors.

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