Greiner Bio-One presents innovative Cryo.s biobanking tubes

Cryo.s™ Biobanking Tubes for high-throughput sample storage in automated storage systems.

The new tubes are available in volumes of 300 μl, 600 μl and 1000 μl and are supplied in automation-friendly cryo racks. The tubes are equipped with decapper-friendly screw caps and thus can be opened and closed with automated equipment. Furthermore, a unique datamatrix code on the tubes guarantees for fully machine-assisted and error-proof identification of individual samples. This makes Cryo.s biobanking tubes ideally suited for automated processing of large sample quantities.

With the medical grade polymer with proven low content of leachables and the optimised screw cap design with silicon gasket, the new tubes are ideal for storage over long periods at extremely low tem-peratures, such as in the gas phase over liquid nitrogen. Both features minimise any risk of sample contamination or sample loss over time.

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Automation-compatible racks for 1000 μl, 600 μl and 300 μl Cryo.s™ Biobanking Tubes (from left to right).

Cryo.s biobanking tubes with height-reduced screw cap conserves up to 30 % freezer space.