Brand New: The MiniCollect® Lancelino range from Greiner Bio-One brings more varienty to the MiniCollect® safety lancet product line.

The new MiniCollect® Lancelino Safety Lancets offer the following features:


  • Easy activation by pressing on the puncture site
  • Comfortable grip feeling due to ergonomically rounded design
  • Precise placement made possible by rounded contact area
  • Quick optical recognition of lancet type with colour coded differentiation

Item Overview: 

Item No.DescriptionPackaging
MiniCollect® Lancelino Safety Lancet with needle (sterile) InnerOuter
450520Safety Lancet light green, 30G, penetration depth 1.2mm200 pcs.2000 pcs.
450521Safety Lancet lavender, 25G, penetration depth 1.5mm200 pcs.2000 pcs.
450522Safety Lancet blue, 21G, penetration depth 1.8mm200 pcs.2000 pcs.
450523Safety Lancet green, 21G, penetration depth 2.4mm200 pcs.2000 pcs.
MiniCollect® Lancelino Safety Lancet with blade (sterile)
450524Safety Lancet yellow, 0.8mm, penetration depth 2mm200 pcs.2000 pcs.

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