Research & Development

Research and development have always been among the drivers for growth in any economic system. Medical technology and biotechnology in particular have, over the last few decades, experienced steady upwards growth. 

The commercial success of Greiner Bio-One is based upon the consistent advancement of modern technologies and techniques. A significant proportion of the company's turnover is invested in R&D. At the company's facilities in Austria and Germany, teams of product specialists from all manner of different disciplines are working on designing and implementing innovative solutions.

At Greiner Bio-One, specialists in microbiology, chemistry, physics and plastics engineering work on the development of new processes and products. Greiner Bio-One has its own state-of-the-art research centre in Kremsmünster (Upper Austria) for the development of molecular biology analysis methods based on DNA arrays. Clinical studies are prepared and performance assessment testing carried out in the company's own clinical laboratory. 

Extensive networks incorporating selected partner firms, public institutions and organisations mean that Greiner Bio-One is always able to identify relevant issues, the latest developments and emerging trends early and then translate them into product solutions.