How do pre-barcoded tubes guarantee more patient safety and traceability

What are pre-barcoded tubes?

Pre-barcoded tubes are sample collection tubes which are already uniquely identified during the production process. This label enables automated identification as part of a digitalized software system, making it unnecessary to print out barcode labels and attach to the tube by hand or even manually write on the label.

Greiner Bio-One’s pre-barcoded tubes are the basis for digitalization: why go digital?

“Evidence shows that more than 70% of errors in blood processing are made during the preanalytical phase”

Lippi G, Salvagno GL, Montagnana M, Lima-Oliveira G, Guidi GC, Favaloro EJ. Quality standards for sample collection in coagulation testing. Semin Thromb Hemost. 2012 Sep;38(6):565-75. doi: 10.1055/s-0032-1315961. Epub 2012 Jun 5. PMID: 22669757

Benefits of pre-barcoded tubes for use as part as a software solution

Pre-barcoded tubes support minimizing patient sample mix-ups, prevent errors, improving Turnaround Time and efficiency of your daily working routine!

  • Transparency and traceability from manufacturing up to analysis of sample in the laboratory
  • Enables few manual steps, reducing the window for error
  • Enables automated orders and electronic documentation, reducing the need to print out orders and labels
  • The tube is pre-labelled so that the barcode is already in the optimal position for instrument compatibility, minimizing the chances of sample rejection in the lab

Pre-barcoded tubes are the solid basis for digital solutions

When used with the appropriate software, this complete solution enables the full tracking of biological samples, as well as support for the healthcare worker during the preanalytical phase. Workflows are made easier, reducing the manual burden and thus the window for error during blood collection, as well as freeing up more time to focus on the patient.

Find out more about software solutions like Tracie Health.

Pre-barcoded tubes label features

The label is an essential aspect of Pre-barcoded tubes. These are the most important features of a label.

  • Uniquely labelled during the manufacturing process to make 100% traceability possible
  • Barcode 128 and data matrix code, GS1 standard on every tube label
  • Unique 10 digit alphanumerical code
  • Labels precisely positioned according to CLSI AUTO2-A2 for improved lab automation 
  • ISO standard label quality and barcode
  • Robust label material with special printing process prevents smearing during routine use, e.g. due to disinfectants, condensation in freezer etc
VACUETTE® and MiniCollect®

Greiner Bio-One provides a pre-barcoded tube solution for all routine needs

All routine additives for venous blood collection are available in a pre-barcoded version. Urine tubes with and without additives are available with a pre-barcoded label. And finally all additives for capillary blood collection are available in a pre-assembled MiniCollect® Complete version with a pre-barcoded label (excludes coagulation tubes).


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