Greiner Bio-One rounds off its product portfolio for capillary blood collection

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MiniCollect® PIXIE Heel Incision Safety Lancet
Photo: © Greiner Bio-One

With MiniCollect® PIXIE, Greiner Bio-One is expanding its portfolio with a new safety lancet specially designed for heel incision and now has three different lancet types on offer to cover individual needs.

Kremsmünster, June 2021 – MiniCollect® PIXIE is a revolutionary safety lancet. It is designed to ensure maximum blood flow with minimum incision depth. MiniCollect® PIXIE penetrates the skin with a "pendulum swing" and cuts through more capillaries at a shallow incision depth. This product is therefore ideal for preterm and newborn babies.

Complete product portfolio
MiniCollect® offers a gentle method to take small blood samples for a variety of analyses. In addition to MiniCollect® capillary blood collection tubes, Greiner Bio-One now offers a range of three different lancet types with MiniCollect® PIXIE to cover individual needs. All MiniCollect® lancets - MiniCollect® PIXIE, MiniCollect® safety lancets and MiniCollect® Lancelino safety lancets - are available with a variety of incision depths and blade sizes / needle gauges to keep the incision depth as low as possible 

Safety mechanism
The safety mechanism on all MiniCollect® line safety lancets ensures that the blade/needle retracts automatically after incision and is securely enclosed in the plastic housing. For small patients in particular, it is important that the procedure is carried out as gently as possible in order to avoid unnecessary anxiety. Thanks to the design of the safety lancets, the blade/needle is not visible, so blood collection can take place in a relaxed atmosphere for all involved.

For more information, view the MiniCollect® PIXIE flyer


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