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Effective glycolysis inhibition for precise determination of the in vivo blood sugar content with the VACUETTE® FC Mix Tube of Greiner Bio-One.

The time from collection until separation of plasma and cells, temperature as well as cell count strongly affect glucose levels possibly leading to false low results. Unfortu-nately, fluoride alone is not able to stabilize the real in-vivo glucose level completely.

<link - external-link-new-window "Opens external link in new window">VACUETTE® FC Mix Tubes</link> are citrated and therefore can help to prevent the initial loss of glucose within the first few hours from collection until fluoride shows its effect. Buffered Na2EDTA, citric acid, sodium citrate and sodium fluoride are used to decrease the pH and block the pH dependent enzymes, which would be active in the initial stage of the glycolysis cascade.

More information <link file:20355>in our brochure</link> or in following animation:

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