…And the winner is: Greiner Bio-One!

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At the end of March, the world-famous Academy Awards were held in Los Angeles. However, there was more to celebrate, as also the "US-A-BIZ AWARD 2022" were presented.

Kremsmünster, April 2022 – The renowned prize was awarded for the eleventh time by the Austrian Trade Commission in Los Angeles. Every year, Austrian companies are honored in six categories for their outstanding economic achievements in the US. Greiner Bio-One was awarded with the US-A-BIZ AWARD in the category "Growth".

A key contribution to overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic

The prestigous jury, made up of representatives from academia, business and the Austrian Trade Commission Los Angeles reasoned this: "As a manufacturer of plastic products for the healthcare sector, Greiner Bio-One launched the VACUETTE® Virus Stabilization Tube within a very short time. This was a key contribution to overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic on the US market." 

"We are very delighted that we received the award and like to thank the jury of the Austrian Trade Commission in Los Angeles. This award is dedicated to all employees of Greiner Bio-One, who developed the product rapidly in 2020 in order to save lives and contain the coronavirus. This made it possible to keep the pandemic under control not only in the USA, but also in Europe and many other regions of the world. In recognition of this, the awards is a special honor for us," stated Bio-One CEO Rainer Perneker, underlining the importance of the award.

Also Greiner CEO Axel Kühner is pleased with this success:

"We are proud that we were able to make a significant contribution to fight the pandemic with the VACUETTE® Virus Stabilization Tube. At Greiner, we focus on research and development for new and innovative medical products and constantly strive to be ahead of our time. The award honors us and is a tribute to the great innovative strength and commitment of all Greiner Bio-One colleagues, whom I'd like to congratulate!"

A look at a successful business Year

The award was accepted by Kevin McGlinchey, Senior Director of Sales at Greiner Bio-One North America, who stated: "This award is graciously accepted on behalf of all of our Greiner Bio-One teammates in the USA and around the world who work tirelessly every day to manufacturer and deliver our high quality medical and research products."

Greiner Bio-One International GmbH has 2,375 employees in 28 locations and numerous sales partners in more than 100 countries. In 2020 Greiner Bio-One had annual sales revenues of 693 million euros. This is a growth of 36 percent compared to the previous year. Much of this growth is attributable to the success of Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc.

See the VACUETTE® Virus Stabilization Tube in action: https://youtu.be/1UehVNKoBm0

Please find more information about the product at VACUETTE® Virus Stabilization Tubes

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