VeinViewer® Frequently Asked Clinical Questions

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Curious to learn more about VeinViewer®? The following FAQs address basic VeinViewer® imaging and vascular access questions.

Note: These FAQ's are a quick reference. The use of VeinViewer® is not intended to replace clinical protocol.

Q: Does VeinViewer® depict arteries in addition to veins?

A: An artery may be visualised if it falls within the viewing depth of VeinViewer®, up to 10 mm for peripheral veins and up to 15 mm for blood patterns. In many patients, arteries are not visible in the projected image due to the depth of the artery and/or the presence of connective tissue.

Q: Can I use this anywhere on the body? Scalp Veins?

A: Yes. You can assess a patient’s vasculature from head to toe with one exception: VeinViewer® is not intended for use on the eyes, due to its use of a bright LED light to create the projected image.

Q: Will it heat the patient’s skin? Should I be concerned about laser eye issues?

A: No. VeinViewer® does not contain light sources with enough intensity to cause body heating or skin damage with prolonged use nor does it use laser technology.

Q: Can I see the vein if it rolls?

A: If the vessel is clearly visible within the projected image, you may see it rolling. VeinViewer® projects the image in real-time, allowing you to see the location and orientation of the vasculature and any movement of the vessels that may occur.

Q: Can I see infiltration and flushing of an IV?

A: You may be able to see hemoglobin leaking into the surrounding tissue if present within the viewing depth of VeinViewer®. Detection of a hematoma with VeinViewer® may help avoid an infiltration. Similarly you may be able to see the flushing of the vein as fluid disperses the blood column.

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