VACUETTE® Disposable Tourniquets

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Help Eliminate Cross-Contamination when Using a Tourniquet.

A high proportion of reusable tourniquets are contaminated with blood and bacterial pathogens. With this in mind, studies have been conducted to determine the need of disposable (single-use) tourniquets. Of particular concern are areas in hospitals where critically ill, injured, immunocompromised and post-operative patients are being treated.

Source 1: Potential Risk of Cross-Infection during Periphera

Eliminate Latex Allergies when using a Tourniquet

Over the years, latex allergies have mainly been linked to wearing gloves. However, there are many areas within your workplace where you will come in to contact with latex that may not be so obvious, one of these is the use of tourniquets. “It has been estimated that 43% of NHS staff suffer from some sort of skin irritation.... and within all UK groups exposed to latex, this equates to 1.5million British people”.

Source 2: latexallergy.ndo

VACUETTE® Disposable Tourniquet

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Available Direct or from NHS Supply Chain (FWJ179).

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