The Digitised Future of Preanalytics with Tracie

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Digitalisation is one of the global megatrends and offers great potential especially in healthcare. With the Tracie Healthcare Solutions, our former software solution Greiner eHealth Technologies (GeT) is evolving to take on the challenge of digitising preanalytics.

Tracie Healthcare Solutions paves the way for digital, error-free preanalytics.

How it all began...

Since 2013, with Greiner Bio-One barcode blood collection tubes and our former software solution Greiner eHealth Technologies, we have created a solid basis with which to proactively shape and drive digital developments in preanalytics.
With this solution, Greiner Bio-One has provided the answer to a problem faced by our customers: the high frequency of errors in the preanalytical process. 

Greiner eHealth Technologies becomes Tracie

In February 2021, we launched a project to re-evaluate our software solution and business model. The project took place with the Berlin-based company builder Bridgemaker. They are start-up experts in the development and commercialisation of digital, innovative business models. 

Together, we are putting our software solution on a completely new course. To pave the way for a successful new start, the decision was made to establish a new joint venture. This is an important step and a clear statement for the further development and successful distribution of our software solution.

What is Tracie?

Tracie Healthcare Solutions GmbH is the start-up of Greiner Bio-One and Bridgemaker. The official foundation took place on March 1, 2022. Currently, the young team consists of a total of 13 employees from Bridgemaker and the former Greiner eHealth Technologies Team from Greiner Bio-One.

Jointly they merge expertise in product development, industry and commercialisation. The company is based in Munich (DE). Jürgen Kurz from Greiner Bio-One and Felix Benscheid from Bridgemaker jointly took on the role of managing the new start-up.

The vision of Tracie

We believe in a world where healthcare professionals have more time for outstanding patient care.

What does Tracie do?

70% of the causes of misdiagnosis are due to preanalytics. [1] Tracie digitises the entire sample collection process. This pre-analytical phase includes all the steps before a blood sample is analysed. Through a scanning process, Tracie creates a secure match between the patient and their sample and can forward valuable data to the laboratory for analysis. In addition, handling instructions support nurses and physicians in their daily work. This leads to increased quality and reliability of medical decisions and, ultimately, more effective treatment of patients.

How does Tracie work?

Tracie initially focuses on standardised core functions with a modern and intuitive user interface. The software is compatible with sample containers from various manufacturers.

Already today, Tracie has an ambitious product strategy - a young and digitally savvy team with many years of industry expertise.

Curious about Tracie's progress?

Would you like to stay up-to-date with Tracie's journey?
Check out our website and social media channels where we will keep you up-to-date with the latest news regarding Tracie.

[1] Giuseppe Lippi et al. (2014), „Preanalytical Quality Improvement“.

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