Innovative Solutions for Cell-Based Assays & Tissue Culture

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Ethical, scientific and financial concerns have led to the increasing importance of cell-based assays and three-dimensional cell culture in lieu of live-animal experimentation. Therefore, cell culture devices have been developed that allow the establishment of an in vitro environment with maximum retention of native functionality.

With respect to these developments, ThinCert® cell culture inserts with porous PET membranes are significant because they form a two-compartment system to readily mimic a variety of in vivo situations, such as:

  • migration and relocation of cells,
  • interaction and communication of physically separated cell populations,
  • formation of tight cell-cell junctions,
  • vectorial transport between two lumens,
  • tissue growth and differentiation at the air-liquid-interface.

This technical note illustrates the usage of ThinCert® cell culture inserts in diverse cell-based assays and includes a selection guide for the appropriate insert type for your application. Read the full technical note here.

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