How does an ELISA test work?

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To find out whether a person has been infected with the coronavirus in the past, the antibody-based ELISA method is used. The ELISA test consists of different steps which are all detailed above.

What is the function of an ELISA plate in the corona antibody test?

Currently, the most reliable antibody-based detection of a past coronavirus infection is carried out using the immunological ELISA method. The starting point for the development and production of the test kits are immunological microplates, in which the analysis of blood samples is carried out. The microtiter plate is pre-treated with a special procedure so that virus components (viral antigens) adhere to it. The plate therefore serves not only as a simple reaction vessel, but also has a significant influence on the quality and thus the significance of the test.

What types of ELISA plates are available?

There are many types of ELISA microplate, which are used for antibody tests. Greiner Bio-One offers plates in two different surface qualities: High-binding products with a hydrophilic surface and the less hydrophilic medium-binding products. In addition to the standard 96-well microtiter plate, microtiter plates in strip format are also available, which provide greater flexibility as individual strips can be removed from the holding frame. Single-break strip plates even allow individual wells to be removed, so that the number of wells in the plate can be precisely matched to the number of samples.

Standard ELISA Microplates

96 well format
U / V/ F bottom in standard and chimney well format
Half Area well design
Clear / black / white
ELISA Strip Plates

U8 / F8 strip plates
F16 / U16 strip plates
Clear / black / white
Single-Break Strip Plates

Individual subdivision, depending on the number of tests
Breakable clear C8 strips
With / without coloured well rims
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