Greiner Talks with John Paul Rollert

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In this episode of Greiner Talks we welcome John Paul Rollert, who teaches behavioral science at Harvard University and The University of Chicago. John Paul’s research focuses on the ethics of leadership, and the application of empathy to law, business, and politics – and regularly sees him in the most important publications of our time. The renowned scientist shows how our complex economic system goes hand in hand with moral values.

In our podcast, the former political advisor to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign explains how empathy is the key to solving societal problems, why leadership is a human-focused art that requires patience, and what all of that has to do with his former life on an apple farm in rural Michigan. Listen in!

“"The challenge of empathy is to think about the needs of other people. If we are guided primarily by our self-interest, where do the interests of others come in?"”

John Paul Rollert, Adjunct Faculty at Harvard University & The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
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