1536 Well Cyloolefin Microplates for Compound Storage & Acoustic Liquid Handling

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Cycloolefin microplates have become increasingly popular in research and high-throughput screening due to their excellent optical, chemical, and physical properties. Cycloolefins feature low water absorption and low impurities. Their high transparency and exceptional chemical resistance to polar solvents, especially DMSO, the commonly used solvent in compound management, render cycloolefin microplates ideal for drug discovery.

Greiner Bio-One's 1536 well cycloolefin microplate with low dead volume follows the most relevant ANSI recommendations and feature a smooth microplate top, absent of alphanumeric coding to facilitate flush lid mounting and heat sealing. The wells are more tapered than in classic 1536 well microplates, reducing the dead volume in different liquid handling systems. The 1536 well microplate is suitable for acoustic liquid handling systems, pin tool liquid handling systems and optical density measurements in biochemical assays. Interested in learning more? Read the full technical note here.

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