1963-2023: 60 years of Greiner Bio-One


Greiner Bio-One turns 60 and looks back on milestones achieved so far on its round birthday

"Our employees have made Greiner Bio-One one of the leading international companies in the industry. At the same time, we are looking ahead with expertise, consistency and reliability and continue to make a difference for people's health in the future."

Ilke Panzer, CEO Greiner Bio-One International GmbH

For some it is just a petri dish, for Greiner Bio-One it is the birth of a long success story

The year is 1963, when the idea for a plastic petri dish is born. The Greiner company already supplies some customers with pharmaceutical packaging cans. Good contacts to facilities with laboratory supplies are therefore available. Thus, in 1963, Greiner starts manufacturing the first petri dish made of polystyrene for single use in Nürtingen near Stuttgart (Germany). Greiner Labortechnik, as it was named at the time, was founded.

1963: Greiner Labortechnik in Nürtingen (Germany).

Greiner Labortechnik produces the first plastic petri dishes in 1963.

Proud of a rich pioneering history

With the disposable polystyrene petri dish, things quickly develop. Shortly afterwards, the still young Greiner Labortechnik produces not only petri dishes but also reaction beakers and the first microplates made of plastic. In the following decades, the company brings numerous innovations to the market and proves to be a pioneer in many cases – for example in the development of the first evacuated blood collection system made of plastic or the first 1536 well microplate worldwide.

Since 1963, the company has thus been decisively involved in the development of consumables in the medical, diagnostics and life sciences industries. With this innovative spirit, Greiner Bio-One significantly supports the successful work and reliable results of its customers.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Even after 60 years, Greiner Bio-One stands more than ever for technology, quality and global presence. With increasing internationalisation, the former Greiner Labortechnik transformed into Greiner Bio-One in 2000. Today, the company employs around 2,800 people at 29 locations worldwide. In the future, Greiner Bio-One will continue to provide its high-quality and sustainable product solutions to those who make a difference in health.

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