Greiner Bio-One Mission


We are guided by a common wish

Health is paramount to us. Because the desire for a healthy life connects  everyone on earth. At Greiner Bio-One, ensuring health in all areas is the motivation of our daily work. 
Our production of high-quality products for medicine and research enables users and scientists to make a big difference to people's health. These guiding principles are part of our Purpose Statement, the  purpose of which is to make us aware of our goal and encourage us to remember that we are doing meaningful work every day.

“We take the wishes of our customers seriously and understand their needs. We offer problem solving and support them in promoting the healthcare system.”

Attaphon Chamchoi - Greiner Bio-One Thailand

We empower people to make a difference in health

To us, health is the highest personal priority. This inspires our daily mission of serving life sciences and healthcare professionals with advanced and sustainable products and solutions.
It is the passion and dedication of our  people that make the difference. With a straightforward approach our global team continuously strives for excellence and  closely collaborates with our customers.

“Ensuring first-class product quality is paramount to ensuring that our customers receive reliable research results”

Linda Schafhauser Greiner Bio-One Germany

About Greiner Bio-One

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