Search for stem cell donors moves into the next round

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Over €94,000, 2,360 financed stem cell typings, and 80 newly typed employees: This is the balance so far of the cooperation between Greiner Bio-One and ‘Geben für Leben – Leukämiehilfe Österreich’ in the search for stem cell donors, which has existed since 2021. Donation and typing campaigns are part of this.

Kremsmünster, February 2023 – As a global leader in medical technology, Greiner Bio-One supports organisations that care for people. This includes the ‘Geben für Leben – Leukämiehilfe Österreich’ association, with which a cooperation has been in place since 2021. With another donation of €35,000, the cooperation will be extended by another year. Greiner Bio-One has so far financed a total of 2,360 typings with over €94,000. These are used to find life-saving stem cell donors for people with leukaemia and other life-threatening diseases.

“We are supporting the 'Geben für Leben' association for the third year. We hope that this will give hope to even more people and that perhaps someone from our company will be lucky enough to become a stem cell donor.”

Rainer Perneker, CEO of Greiner Bio-One International GmbH

80 participants in employee typing campaigns
Greiner Bio-One has already organised two internal typing campaigns at the Upper Austrian sites. 80 employees were typed in the company’s campaigns and now hope to be able to help a sick person as a stem cell donor.

Typing: with cheek swab or blood sampling to save lives
Thanks to the commitment of ‘Geben für Leben’, more than 148,000 people have been typed, and 395 life-saving stem cell donors have been found. Using a cheek swab or blood sample, any healthy person between the ages of 17 and 45 can be typed in order to be available as a potential donor worldwide. If the HLA values (parts of the DNA) match between a patient and a typed person, the typed person can save the life of the sick person with their stem cell donation.

“In our search for life savers, we rely on the support of committed companies and private individuals. Because each typing costs our association €40, which we have to finance 100% from monetary donations. We are thus extremely grateful for the cooperation with Greiner Bio-One.”

Susanne Marosch, Chair of “Geben für Leben – Leukämiehilfe Österreich

Donation campaign to get involved
Greiner Bio-One recently launched a fundraising campaign with the publication of the new sustainability brochure. A sustainability quiz on the website supports social initiatives that benefit people and their living space. As a thank-you for participating, the participants select one of the different organisations to which Greiner Bio-One should donate. These include ‘Geben für Leben’, the ‘Jane Goodall Institute’, and ‘Care International’.

“As a globally active and plastics-processing company in medical technology, it is important to us to promote the well-being and health of people and to contribute to a future worth living in.”

Rainer Perneker, CEO of Greiner Bio-One International GmbH
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