Joint search for stem cell donors continues

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Handover of donation cheque to the "Geben für Leben" association - Picture: © Greiner Bio-One

Greiner Bio-One is extending its cooperation with the association "Geben für Leben – Leukemiehilfe Österreich", thereby continuing to support the search for stem cell donors. 1,400 typifications have already been financed since the start of the cooperation.

Kremsmünster, July 2022 – As a manufacturer of medical devices from Upper Austria, Greiner Bio-One is sending out an important message for health with its social commitment and giving sick people new hope. The mission of the company is to make a difference for people's health. This is also the case with the association "Geben für Leben", whose aim is to find life-saving stem cell donors for people with leukaemia and other life-threatening diseases.

1,400 new potential stem cell donors
The joint cooperation has been in place since the beginning of 2021. Since then, Greiner Bio-One has financed 1,400 typifications of people who are now available as potential stem cell donors for people with leukaemia. The company also provides products for collecting blood, some of which are used in typification campaigns.

“We are delighted that we are now supporting the association 'Geben für Leben' for a second year. In doing so, we are playing our part in helping severely ill people to recover. We look forward to many more success stories.”

Rainer Perneker, CEO of Greiner Bio-One International GmbH
Susanne Marosch, Chairwoman „Geben für Leben – Leukämiehilfe Österreich“ - Picture: Weissengruber & Partner

Saving lives with a cheek swab or blood sample
Thanks to the commitment of 'Geben für Leben', typifications have already been performed for more than 130,000 people and 330 life-saving stem cell donors have been found. Any healthy person between the ages of 17 and 45 can be typified using a cheek swab or blood sample. If the DNA values match between a patient and a typified person, the typified person can save the life of the person suffering from the disease by donating stem cells.

“Saving lives is not a one-man show. Only together can we find those rare life-savers who give hope for life by donating their healthy stem cells. This requires committed partners such as Greiner Bio-One.”

Susanne Marosch, Chairwoman of "Geben für Leben – Leukämiehilfe Österreich"

"Geben für Leben" – the Austrian leukaemia aid charity

Geben für Leben was originally created as a charity in Vorarlberg, after one of the founders became personally affected by leukaemia. In 2015, the charity founded Austria's first private donor file, which has since been used throughout the entire country and has become Austria's largest and most successful donor file.

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