The following list provides a summary of the trade fairs, congresses and events at which Greiner Bio-One is represented this year. Visit us or one of our sales partners. We look forward to welcoming you personally soon.

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Aftermovie EUROMEDLAB ROMA 2023

Join us in celebrating our success at Euromedlab Roma 2023! At this year's Euromedlab we presented ourselves with a new booth design with more digital features, a presentation of our newly created virtual showroom and a Educational Workshop presented by Tracie Healthcare Solutions.

With the new design, we are able to illustrate the following products with 3D animations on a LED-Wall directly at the booth: VACUETTE® EVOPROTECT, VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD, VACUETTE®  Blood Collection Tubes, MiniCollect® Blood Collection Tubes and VACUETTE® Transport Box (VTB);

Whilst showing our products, we wanted to focus more on the emotion they build. As we continue to impress with high quality and full service, we would also like to focus on the emotions our products create for patients and staff.

To give you an insight into our trade fair appearance, we have prepared an aftermovie. Our International Key Account Manager from Italy, Filippo Taccia will guide you through the video.


Another huge success was the Educational Workshop presented by Tracie Healthcare Solutions. The workshop was held by the chair Dr. Alexander von Meyer and featured 3 incredible speakers who exchanged views on the topic of "Digitalizing your lab – How to and why?". Around 130 people in person and 141 people connected online, listened to the exciting workshop.

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