Greiner Bio-One History



Greiner Bio-One is changing

With a new design and a new slogan, Greiner Bio-One presents itself in a modern, clear and attractive look.

Kremsmünster, October 2020 – The corporate design comprises the entire appearance of a company and forms the visual part of the corporate identity. It ensures an appealing, uniform appearance and increases the brand recognition of our company, a decisive criterion for positioning and strengthening the Greiner Bio-One brand.

A corporate design project was initiated with the aim of creating a new, fresh look for Greiner Bio-One. The most important aspects of corporate design are the logo, corporate colours, fonts and stylistic elements. In addition to these basics, the corporate design also defines the design guidelines for advertising material, online appearances and other visual touch points.

New slogan
In addition to the new design, a new company slogan was created to replace the previous slogan "Your Power for Health": making a difference

Greiner Bio-One. Making a difference. The new slogan as well as the purpose statement on which it is based are expressive and show what Greiner Bio-One stands for, what drives the company and what contribution its employees make. A contribution to a life full of health.

“To us, health is the highest personal priority. This inspires our daily mission of serving life sciences and healthcare professionals with advanced and sustainable products and solutions. It is the passion and dedication of our people that make the difference. With a straightforward approach our global team continuously strives for excellence and closely collaborates with our customers. We empower people to make a difference in health.”



Company founded as Greiner Labortechnik (now : Greiner Bio-One). Greiner starts life in Nürtingen (Germany) with the manufacture of the first plastic Petri dishes.


The world’s first evacuated blood collection system made of only plastic is launched. Many further developments follow in the next few years.


Greiner develops the world’s first 1536 Well Microplate. The plates are used to test substances for manufacturing medication.


Greiner Labortechnik already has an international footing and expands further. In 2000, the company is rebranded from Greiner Labortechnik to Greiner Bio-One.


Introduction of the first safety products in the VACUETTE® line.


Incorporation of Mediscan into the Greiner Bio-One Group.


For the first time Greiner Bio-One produces and sells over a billion VACUETTE® tubes in the calendar year.


A new business division is created: Greiner eHealth Technologies. This division puts a great deal of work into the digitalisation of preanalytics.


Through its acquisition of 3D cell culture technology assets from Nano3D Biosciences, Inc., Greiner Bio-One becomes a leading international provider in the field of three-dimensional cell cultivation.


With the rapid development of the VACUETTE® virus stabilization tube and an intense focus upon research and laboratory products of relevance to COVID-19, Greiner Bio-One is making a key contribution to the conquest of the pandemic.

About Greiner Bio-One

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