Thumbclip wins the EDISON Award in the Medtech category, sponsored by Greiner and Greiner Bio-One

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The winners of Thumbclip in the Medtech category Photo credits: © Richard Haidinger

The award ceremony of the EDISON ideas competition took place on June 27th. Greiner Bio-One supported the competition in the Medtech category together with Greiner AG and chose Thumbclip as the winner that evening.

Kremsmünster, July 2024 – The EDISON Award, organized by the startup incubator Tech2b, is an ideas competition aimed at all people with innovative and technology-oriented ideas for the products and services of our future in Upper Austria and honors the projects of startups every year. This year, the best ideas were selected in the categories "Pioneers", "Greentech", "Hightech" and "Medtech".

“Medical technology makes a decisive contribution to saving lives and improving the quality of life. The EDISON Award promotes the pioneering spirit necessary to drive innovation and progress in medical technology. We at Greiner Bio-One are therefore very pleased to support the EDISON Award in the Medtech category this year.”

Ilke Panzer, CEO of Greiner Bio-One International GmbH

The Winner in the Medtech Category

The EDISON Award in the MedTech category went to Thumbclip, the innovative "neck support" that protects strained thumbs from overuse, revolutionizing well-being and ergonomics in the workplace. With this innovative development, Thumbclip beat out four other finalists who also presented impressive solutions.

Greiner Bio-One and Greiner AG support the EDISON Award in the Medtech category and congratulate Thumbclip on this well-deserved success.

Tech2b Inkubator GmbH

Tech2b supports, accompanies and accelerates the development of innovative technology-oriented, knowledge-intensive and design-oriented start-up projects. Inclusion in the tech2b funding program helps to develop business ideas in a structured and targeted manner and to implement them on the market.

tech2b offers support ranging from strategic advice and mentoring to the provision of infrastructure and an extensive network through to financial support for the implementation of research results in new products, services and businesses.

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